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OA 19

OA 19

Stone: Translucent Orange Alabaster (Utah)

Date: 2020

Height: __ in / __ cm

Width: __ in / __cm

Depth: __ in / __ cm

  • Design

    This design emerged as a personal challenge. As a direct carver, I simply started in, then cut a hole at an unusual angle - knowing that it'd be asymmetrical. Then, I worked it out with hand tools - rasps and files.

    It flows well from all perspectives. 

    With it's height, the item would sit well on a table, a counter, or a tall, deep shelf.

    This item can be rotated. The item and the base are connected using an Italian-made, brass turning pin.

  • Base

    The base material is a solid block of Black Walnut. 

    The hand-rubbed beeswax finish reveals a subtle, woodgrain.

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